The WebStage Platform

Full featured personalization, content authoring and technical integrations.

For those looking for a hands-on package that combines audience personalization, content authoring, test capabilities and hooks for deep integrations, the WebStage platform is it.

Audience segmentation

The WebStage platform offers endless
possibilities for creating simple or more
complex audience segmentation rules.

Content authoring

WebStage offers a powerful drag and drop
editor to create professional looking
content, messages and effects.

Integration ready

Inject your own HTML,
launch your own custom scripts,
all possible on the WebStage platform.

Core features for every personalized campaign.
  • Full control of who, what and where in WebStage.
    • Flexible display and delivery options

      Schedule campaigns by date, day of the week, time of the day and more.
    • Flexible test options

      Test performance with a configurable control group or multiple content variations.
    • Content for all devices

      Create and launch tailored messages specifically for desktop, tablet, mobile, or all.
    • Reports that make sense

      Track financial and non financial custom goals you define.
Complete content authoring and animation tools are yours.
    • Start with a frame to hold content

      Insert your frame directly into the website or launch frames over existing content with fixed or sliding banners.
    • Add images, buttons and messages

      Drag and drop any number of styled images, buttons, messages and more into your frame to create professional looking content.
    • Animate as you see fit

      Animated content or not, its up to you. WebStage offers an easy to use effects editor for eye catching content effects.
Designed and developed with scale and security at its core.

Worry free scalability

WebStage is proud to host
our distributed service
in the Amazon™ AWS cloud.

Safe and secure

WebStage serves fully secured
content for the most sensitive
web applications.

No content flicker

WebStage adds minimal overhead
and serves asynchronously for zero
website impact and latency.

Integrations for technical teams and enhanced content delivery.
    • Add your own content

      Insert and personalize your own HTML banners, forms, and even 3rd party content.
    • Integrate your own scripting

      Include Javascript that works with your content or controls WebStage content.
    • Client side personalization API

      Leverage visitor details such as geo location with the
      WebStage client side personalization API.
    • Real-time statistics and storage

      Access WebStage real-time statistics and meta data storage facilities for more powerful campaigns.
    Flexible options for simple adjustments or full control of content.