Roots grows email subscriptions by 225% with WebStage Roots is known as one of Canada’s iconic lifestyle brands
in both apparel and handcrafted leather goods.

A trailblazer in apparel, Roots has also been a leading force in the ecommerce realm. But as their website became more sophisticated, the marketing team found it more difficult to access. "We couldn’t get last-minute sales and weekend promotions on the site fast enough", said Lauren Teslia, Director of Omni-Channel Commerce.

With WebStage, Lauren's team can now get timely promotions on and off the website in minutes. Offering everything from location-based free shipping to email subscribe and customer appreciation campaigns has been "huge for the customer experience" according to Lauren.

Roots' ongoing email signup campaign offers a glimpse into their success: on days when the campaign is active, the increase in subscriptions can run up to 225%!

Campaign Results Roots' email signup campaign runs two times per week, and the increase in signups on these days speaks for itself!

"It's been a huge win for us."
- Lauren Teslia - Director, Omni-Channel Commerce

US-Mattress Chooses WebStage is the largest online mattress retailer
in the world.

When US-Mattress' web marketing team was looking for a fast way to post personalized promotions for site visitors, they chose WebStage. "We were looking for something that would be simple, that anyone could use", said James Lynch, web marketing analyst. "WebStage fit the bill."

With WebStage, they now deliver special offerings to visitors based on where they are, keywords they've searched and their onsite product views and purchase history.

Campaign Results Results below are from the first 2 weeks of a
keyword campaign for one mattress brand.

"WebStage is very easy to work with and the return has been incredible."
- Brenda Smith - Director, Web Department

RfR bolsters award-winning website with WebStage Rent frock Repeat is a unique online retailer that
puts designer dresses within arm’s reach.

Go to Rent frock Repeat's website and you'll know why it won the 2011 Canada Post E-Commerce Innovation award. But keeping the site dynamic and relevant for customers has been no simple task: they needed to enlist a web contractor for even the smallest site changes.

So Kristy Wieber, RfR co-founder and president, was thrilled when she discovered WebStage. "WebStage lets us take marketing initiatives into our own hands, and gives us the freedom to make quick changes that reflect customer demand." RfR uses WebStage to highlight special events, inventory sales and signup incentives.

Campaign Results Once visitors registered for a 15% off first-rental coupon, they were reminded of the promo code!

"Having WebStage available at our fingertips saves us valuable time and resources."
- Kristy Wieber - Co-Founder and President

Hotel gets double-digit CTRs with WebStage The Grand Hotel Haliç is a 4-star hotel in Beyoğlu, Turkey with stunning inlet views.

When the deputy general manager of the Haliç Hotel Group saw what he could do with WebStage, he was in. Erol Gülük oversees 4 hotel properties in Turkey, and wanted to better engage website visitors from across Europe and North America by speaking to them in their own language.

Erol's team uses WebStage to track the location of web visitors and deliver messages in their regional languages, as well as offer exclusive promotions and incentives for travelers who book direct.

Campaign Results Click-through rate is for a campaign targeted at visitors from Italy offering incentives in their native language.

"Our Italian campaign had a double-digit click-through rate in the past month."
- Erol Gülük - Deputy General Manager

Novotech increases session duration by 3x with WebStage Novotech Technologies is a leading distributor of
Machine-to-Machine and Internet of Things hardware, services and solutions.

With over five thousand products available online, Novotech was looking for a solution to the challenge of connecting products and services to online customers. "We literally have so many products available, one of our biggest challenges as a retailer and B2B supplier is connecting visitors to what they're looking for", said Carolyn Gardner, Novotech's Director of Marketing.

Working with WebStage, Carolyn's team began mapping out a number of strategies to quickly move visitors to likely products and product categories. These initiatives included automatic referrals from partner websites, improved visual product and vender selections and visual prompts to reinforce the site's search capabilities.

The results were immediate. In each month following the launch of WebStage content, the Novotech website has continued to grow, both in terms of unique visitors as well as average session duration.

Campaign Results Novotech has increased the number of unique visitors to their site by over 600% and the average session duration by 3 times.

"In 6 months, we've driven up traffic by about 600% and improved session times by 3x."
- Carolyn Gardner - Director, Marketing