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The fastest web content creation and delivery solution made for marketers. WebStage puts content authoring, visual editing and personalization tools directly into your hands.

So whether you want to add a welcome banner for first-time visitors, extend a discount to returning visitors, or personalize your entire website for each type of visitor, you can develop
your message and post it yourself with WebStage.

  • Designed in WebStage
    • Creative Suite

      WebStage’s Creative Suite of content authoring
      tools lets you design high-quality creative
      content consistent with your brand.
    • Personalization Suite

      The Personalization Suite lets you segment
      your site visitors and post up-to-the-minute
      content that matters to each and every one.
    • Test Suite

      WebStage not only helps you to create and post
      content – it lets you run multiple, targeted web
      campaigns and test them against predefined goals.
    • Non-Intimidating Pricing

      WebStage comes in three, fixed-rate PLANS with
      add-on modules, so you can purchase what you
      need today and then scale as your site grows.


Joe Nashif

"As a digital solution for online marketers, WebStage has really raised the bar."

The Royal Canadian Mint

Dan Piché
Ecommerce Manager

"WebStage has allowed us to be much more nimble with our online campaigns."

Canadian Geographic

Gilles Gagnier
COO and Publisher

"Finally an affordable personalization solution and service that brings instant value."